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Our telephone operator has technical issues which effects our telephones. The issue should be fixed by 18.00 on Wednesday the 25th of May. You can reach us on or each employee’s personal email.

Publicerad: 2016-05-24

The swimmer from Lysekil who chose to aim higher

“Did you bring the passport?”, Jesper Skoglund asks me when I meet him in the hangar at Scandinavian Aviation Academy in Västerås. I become a bit unsure and hope to not have missed anything. “Today we will be flying to Belgium”, he says and at the same time his eyes wander towards a big, white box […]

Publicerad: 2016-05-12

Meet flight instructor Sara

Sara started her flight training in 2012. Before that she had already experienced quite a few things. Already at the age of 14, Sara left her family in Gislaved to move to Stockholm, where she played in the elite series in table tennis. After upper secondary school, Sara moved to Gothenburg, where she ran a […]

Publicerad: 2016-04-20

First Solo Flight

The helicopter class of january 2016 are beginning with their solo flights this week. First out was Johannes Rajaniemi. This is what he had to say: “Of course it was a bit nerv-wracking to fly solo for the first time, but it was also incredibly fun! It is a very special feeling to be flying a […]

Publicerad: 2016-04-13

The Pilot Aptitude Test is in high demand

The demand for the Pilot Aptitude Test is high right now. The test in May is already close to fully-booked. We will therefore arrange for an extra test day on the 19th of April. If you wish to sign up for the Pilot Aptitude test you can send an email to with the following information: Date […]

Publicerad: 2016-03-21

Good news for future helicopter pilot students

Helicopter Pilot Program will start on the 5th of September – the program is an integrated, full time program in Västerås, Sweden. The program will provide you with the following certificates: CPL, commercial pilot license ATPL/IR teori Read more….

Publicerad: 2016-03-18

First Officer Program 16.2

Will you be part of the new First Officer Program class that starts in September? Next class will start in September – and this time the program will be completely in English. Read more about the First Officer Program.

Publicerad: 2016-02-18

Would you like to take the Pilot Aptitude Test?

We have set up an extra testday for the pilot aptitude test part 1 in Västerås on Sunday 21st of February! We will be at our flight department located at Hässlögatan 2 F, Västerås. If part 1 is approved you will be booked for Part 2 at the flight psychologist in Stockholm at later day […]

Publicerad: 2016-02-11

PPP students hired at FlyBe before graduation!

FlyBe interviewed six of our Professional Pilot Program students  – and all of them got offered a position at FlyBe as First Officers. Three of them – Joakim Bosved, Emil Baude and Manne Nilsson (in the picture below), hadn’t even finished their pilot training when they got the offer. Scroll down to read an interview with […]

Publicerad: 2016-01-28

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